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General info:
“Erase The Past” is a community based program developed in 1998 by Bryna Kane, MD and Edward Glassberg in Long Beach, California. Their mission is to help former gang members and youth at risk erase their past and go forward with a productive life including gaining employment. Dr. Kane and Dr. Glassberg offer free tattoo removal in exchange for community service. The program is available each month to former gang members and youth at risk. Applicants are screened by the Long Beach Police Department to ensure a clean record for the past six months. The approved candidates must provide five hours of community service for each tattoo removal session. Since its inception, over 102 tattoo removal clinics have been held at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center totaling over 4,000 encounters with former gang members and youth between the ages of 14 and 25.

Erase The Past Founders:
Bryna Kane, MD
Dr. Kane has practiced dermatology for nearly 25 years. She was voted one of the best physicians in Los Angeles, one of the best doctors in America /America’s top physicians. She is an assistant clinical professor of dermatology at UCLA and UCI, author of numerous professional articles and a sought after lecturer, and a pediatrician who completed her full residency at UCLA.

Dr. Kane is the daughter of Holocaust survivors and she remembers vividly the tattoos that the Nazis etched into the arms of her family and friends, scarring them for life. This first-hand experience inspired her to help others remove these powerful, painful reminders of past violence through the Erase The Past program.

Edward Glassberg, MD
Dr. Glassberg is a leading expert in laser surgery and a certified Mohs surgeon. He has been deeply involved in laser surgery and dermatology applications since 1984 and has published multiple research articles on the use of laser technologies. He is also an assistant clinical professor at UCLA.

Erase the Past