Erase the Past

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Dr. Kane and Dr. Glassberg have helped forever changes the lives of 4,000 former gang members and youth-at-risk by giving them a fresh start that literally erases their past mistakes.   They founded the ERASE THE PAST free gang tattoo removal clinic – largely out of their own savings — that begins with a friendship circle in which rival gang members whose families have shot at each other come together in peace, united by a common desire to start over.

Former gang members and youth at-risk agree to complete community service and voluntarily let Dr. Kane and Dr. Glassberg remove their gang tattoos with the most sophisticated lasers modern medicine and technology have developed.  Their tattoos, which include gang symbols and clown gangs in which members faces are permanently tattooed, often stigmatize these young people and mark them for life – Until now…

In a culture in which first impressions are everything and snap judgments are made every day based on appearance, these tattoos often prevent young people who are trying to do the right thing and leave the gangs behind from being able to turn their lives around since they can’t even gain employment with their mistakes seared across their faces, hands, arms and bodies.

This marks the 10th successful year in which Dr. Kane and Dr. Glassberg have been helping the Long Beach community.  To date, the doctors have HELPED 4,000 FORMER GANG MEMBERS and at-risk youth between the ages of 14 & 28.

Dr. Kane was inspired to found the program based on her own personal experience as the daughter of Holocaust survivors.  Named after her grandmother who was one of the first female physicians in Vienna and who was later killed in the Holocaust for trying to save neighborhood children, Bryna Kane vividly remembers the visible and permanent mark of the Nazi Death camps on her relatives, even as a young child.  She grew up watching her father’s friends wearing long-sleeved shirts during the hot summers in order to cover up the tattoos forcibly seared into their skin by the Nazis.

Today, Dr. Kane and her partner Dr. Glassberg have turned those painful memories into a positive program that has helped thousands improve their lives.

Erase the Past